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I caught my man cheating with a man


"..his stepdad...I am heartbroken I even have pictures..he says he's not gay...I'm so broken I gave him a deadline to tell his mom...cuz when I try n telling her she says I'm crazy...the stepdad has stolen my SIM card with the proof ...I'm so wanting to be loved but I so grossed out
.I get creeped out by his stepdad...he's in jail until April n I live with the mom n stepdad...I told him if he didn't tell I was leaving..I do love him but I am broken n confused what do I do"

Carla Ashley

"Hello and thank you for reaching out,

I am terribly sorry that you have/are experiencing this. It's a tough situation to go through as infidelity can not be taken lightly. I'm also sorry that your bf's family is involved and you're caught in the middle. I'm not sure though how important it should be to tell his mom as I'm not sure how relevant that is to your relationship with him. Coming out is something that each person has to decide to do on their own and themselves and this is a sensitive case since the stepfather is involved. I'm also not sure of all of your ages. I personally do not advise anyone under the age of 18 so I do hope that he is not a minor. If that is the case then the stepfather could face some serious issues with the law, even it it was consensual.

As hard as it may seem you'll need to subtract the fact that your significant other has cheated on you with not only a man and a family member, but simply the fact that he cheated. Even if he says he isn't gay, the fact of the matter is that he was involved in a sexual act with someone else and all of these people live under the same roof. You're now linked to your boyfriend, his stepfather, and now his mom sexually. There is no way that wouldn't mess with my mind every day and my first thought would be to get into a better living situation.  Why are you threatening HIM to leave whether he tells his mom or not? You should do what's best for YOU. Create a plan with a deadline and do just that.

Nothing is better to have than your peace of mind. Figure out what kind of love an relationship you deserve, start showing it to yourself and then focus on finding someone who is worth giving your time to. You've got too many negatives surrounding you in your present situation and I don't see any positive happening by staying there. You'll be able to find a more ideal situation, maybe with a friend or afamily member or low income housing to get you started. Anything but where you are.

I certainly hope all this adds up and makes sense. I wish you the best."


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