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My girlfriend left me because of her parents


"Hello madam
I need some advise to catch up my life again.. my girlfriend left me because of her parents.. I simply cant get over her.. I don't need to.. I just want her back.."

Carla Ashley:

"Good Morning and thank you for reaching out.

I'm sorry to hear that your girlfriend chose/had to end things. Breakups can be difficult especially when we care about a person and see a future with them.

I actually had this happen to me when I was 17. My boyfriend at the the time ended it because his parents thought we were moving too fast and that I was wrong for him. Looking back more than a decade later I realize they were right. My ex contacted me a couple years ago, (Thank you Facebook) to tell me that one of his biggest and hardest life decisions was the one when he decided to listen to his parents and leave me. He apologized for his actions and if he caused me any hurt as that was not his intention. We were both really young and to be honest, we've come a long way. After taking the time to figure out what I wanted out of life and what was right for me as well as catching up with him and seeing where he is in life it was obvious that we were not meant for each other. He is happily married now with two beautiful children and I don't think there would've been a better match for him than his wife. Our lifestyles and beliefs are also different and our paths are as well.

I tell you all of this to say that I don't want you to assume she doesn't care about you or your feelings. In fact I'm sure she does since the only reason she provided was her parents/family. Often when we are younger or if we come from certain backgrounds and upbringing, we are forced to please those close to us. Maybe she is at a point in her life where their opinion matters and she had no choice. That doesn't mean that you guys will not re-unite later in time. So what should you do right now?

Get out. Grab your friends. Confide in them but more importantly find your YOU without HER. Do things that you can enjoy without her company. Practice a new skill or develop a new hobby. Try new things. Busy yourself. Time will pass on it's own but its up to you to fill it with amazing things that will remind you that life is not so bad without her. One day you will look up and the pain will not feel the same. You may be on a good streak for several days and then you see something that makes you think of her, but write it down. Make note of how it makes you feel, extinguish that negative thought and get back up and do something else. Monitor your feelings, keep track of them, and remember that you are in control of them. You'll get through this, just like I did!"

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