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How can I balance my growing business and parenting with a dating life?

How can I balance my growing business and parenting with a dating life?



"Hi Carla, I'm hoping you can help me. You'll probably be getting more emails from me in the future and I'll also want to inquire about your services. I need help! lol I am very busy and consumed pretty much with the growth of my company. I'm managing it full time all by myself and I can finally say that I've successfully transitioned into my dream career. I'm pretty good at making time for my family and I just manage to have time for myself at the end of it all. I'd love to have someone to look forward to talking to at the end of each day or even just up and planning a fun weekend getaway or night on the town. Nothing too serious but someone to have fun with if I am ever lucky enough to have downtime. It'd be great if they have a career/life of their own too so they're not up my ass. I know what I want but I really have no idea how to go about it. I haven't been dating in a few years and am kinda anxious to get started again. Please help!"

Carla Ashley:

"Good Afternoon and thank you so much for reaching out and allowing me the opportunity to start assisting you. Are you a member of my blog subscribers? We'll have to get you on the list so that you're receiving updates from my own personal experiences and feedback. That may help when we are not in contact. I'm not sure if you're looking for date coaching or just some tips to get you started on your own. In either case I am here to assist the best way I know how.

First, I'm assuming since you're coming to me that means there are no prospects already within your circle. If there is, consider if there is someone whom you haven't confirmed whether or not they could be mutually interested and catch a drink together or invite them to a show you may have a spare ticket to. Take it from there.

My second recommendation is to start with online dating. It can deter many but in your particular situation online connections can be ideal since you are so busy with your business and personal life. It will save you time by allowing you to somewhat screen individuals before committing to hours wasted face to face with a potential stranger. A site like OkCupid is a great dating app for beginners as all you have to do is answer the questions honestly. Need help getting started here or on other apps? My E-book, "Your online dating profile- 6 Tips for attracting quality prospects" is a great short read pamphlet, something perfect for the busy career person like yourself that will assist you with creating a winning and flawless profile!

Now if you're looking for that one on one date coaching service I mentioned to you earlier, this is a service I anticipate be rolling out in 2017. This is where I will work with you for an initial Skype consultation,  2 weekly emails, and a weekly Skype session to go over progress for a period of 4 weeks. You'll receive assignments to do on your own time and we will go over everything at the end of your run to have you confident to take on this crazy dating world all on your own with the necessary tools to know how to Love Wisely! So be sure to refer your friends and family if you find this information and my site helpful because without the demand for love and relationship advice, these services won't be able to come to fruition.

In the meantime, start with those first two options and stick to holding true to your current routine so that you don't fall off track.

I hope this helps

Carla Ashley


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