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Flashing lights

You weren’t my type

Oh hell naw, you weren’t my type

I’m not shallow so I gave you a shot

Because you made me feel full of hype

You looked real good on paper

Good job, nice place

Had no problem with me in your space


Hella charming, Romantic even

Who would’ve thought we’d ever be speakin

I thought I moved fast

Damnit, til I met you

“Be my Girlfriend”

Its been so long since I heard those words

Had I known that saying yes

Meant doing everything on your terms


Repetitive phone calls

“She’s crazy”

Hidden wardrobes

“My Sister’s”

Bills in their names

“But Baby”

Just too coincidental

“You’re weak if you leave”

I had not a single reason to stay


Nothing but red flags

But I wasn’t shallow

You weren’t my type

You can’t ignore the signs

The flashing lights

Just because they made you feel full of hype


Is celibacy a realistic option for me?