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It ended abruptly

It was a long time coming though

You left me no choice

You said you loved me

and now I know that everyone's meaning is different.

The judge said no contact for 2 yrs

I waited


"Does he still think of me?"

Maybe things would've been different

Maybe it was just bad timing

Maybe if his life was in order

I waited


The time finally passed

And all I could wonder

Does he still think of me?

I reached out

Not knowing what to expect

Not knowing if you'd resent me

Hoping you'd understand

Blaming myself for the enabling

Hoping you'd be better by now


You were pleasant

I thought "This is it"

"He doesn't resent me for putting it in the law's hands"

It wasn't long til your words changed

It wasn't long til the accusations returned

For the insecurities to show their face

It wasn't me

It was you

And now that I know

That no amount of time can cure what's within

A person's character

I have closure


Flashing lights