Carla is a boldly opinionated dating adviser and writer from New York, NY who is passionate about relationships on all levels and helping others. A free-form independent thinker, she considers her audience that stems from all demographics when generating her responses. She currently is the NY Women's Dating and Relationship Examiner for


Her personal style and fashion sense reflects all that she is...a gender-neutral fashionista. With wardrobe choices not being limited to the male or female departments offered in most stores, Carla prefers a balanced mixture of both casual and masculine-chic attire and her personal style envisions feminine aspects. Her main focus is to break the stereotypes associated between clothing style and assumed sexual preference.

As a registered home based business owner, Carla is also a Cupcake Enthusiast operating Carla's Cupcake Cravings serving The Bronx, Manhattan, and Lower Westchester. She specializes in alcohol-infused cupcakes for patrons of legal age as well as custom order requests.


Born with a heart of gold, providing love advice for individuals who can benefit from her dating experience is not her only purpose. Carla realized that she has a soft spot for those less fortunate and also spends her time volunteering at local food pantries as well as joining local groups to feed, donate, and do community outreach for the homeless.